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See more 3D printed ceramics in theC O L L E C T I O N S
3D printing ceramics is just the first step in Äerd Lab’s long-term mission to 3D print houses using locally available clay.

Äerd Lab was founded out of love for sustainable materials and organic forms, as well as the potential of emerging technologies.


Angelika Bocian-Jaworska

I graduated in Architecture from the University of Liechtenstein with a focus on sustainable construction and after that completed a Postgraduate degree in 3D Printing Clay Architecture at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia and the summer program at Harvard GSD.

I have gained my practice as an architect in Basel, Zurich and Luxembourg. I'm an architect who questions the current approach to architecture, especially in the face of the housing and ecological crisis. I deeply believe that materials with a low environmental impact combined with emerging technologies could be a solution for both.

That's why I created Äerd Lab – a start-up experimenting with 3D printing Äerd (earth).


Dreaming about your own clay 3D printer?

Äerd Lab is a reseller of 3D WASP machines in Luxembourg, Belgium & the Netherlands and will assist you in that journey!

*Special offers for schools


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