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Jobs @ Äerd Lab

Lead Additive Manufacturing Engineer

Location: Bettembourg, Luxembourg
Hours: Full time

Position Overview:
We are seeking a highly skilled Lead Additive Manufacturing Engineer to join our team and lead the development of innovative solutions for sustainable construction elements. The successful candidate will be responsible for overseeing 3D printing with clay, utilizing parametric design techniques, and contributing to the advancement of Äerd Lab's mission.

• Lead and execute 3D printing projects with a focus on clay-based materials.
• Utilize parametric design principles to create cutting-edge solutions for sustainable construction elements.
• Collaborate with cross-functional teams to integrate additive manufacturing processes into the overall project workflow.
• Contribute to the development of new materials and techniques for additive manufacturing in the construction industry.
• Provide expertise in interior and exhibition design to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of printed elements.

• Bachelor's or Master's degree in Advanced Architecture or related field.
• Postgraduate or other qualification in 3D printing clay architecture (or related).
• Minimum of 2 years of hands-on experience in 3D printing with clay or concrete.
• Excellent proficiency in Rhino and Grasshopper software.
• Experience in interior and exhibition design.
• Minimum B2 level in English; proficiency in French, German, or Chinese is an advantage.

What We Offer:
• A challenging and dynamic work environment at the forefront of additive manufacturing in construction. • Opportunities for career growth and professional development within a startup setting.
• The chance to contribute to innovative and sustainable solutions that shape the future of construction technology. If you are passionate about additive manufacturing, sustainability, and pushing the boundaries of construction technology, we invite you to join Äerd Lab on this exciting journey.

About Äerd Lab:
Äerd Lab is a cutting-edge company at the forefront of innovative construction technologies, with a focus on sustainable solutions. Located in Bettembourg, Luxembourg, Äerd Lab specializes in additive manufacturing with a particular emphasis on 3D printing with clay. As a startup, we provide a dynamic and challenging work environment, offering exciting career opportunities and growth potential for talented individuals.

Äerd Lab is an equal opportunity employer.

How to Apply:
Please send your CV (and portfolio) to .