Are you ready to delve into the exciting realm of digital fabrication? Look no further than the upcoming FABRICATE conference, set to take place on April 5th and 6th, 2024, in the vibrant city of Copenhagen. This international event, renowned for its peer-reviewed discussions and supporting publications, revolves around the theme of Digital Fabrication.

FABRICATE serves as a gathering point for visionaries across various fields, including architecture, construction, engineering, manufacturing, materials technology, and computation. At the heart of the conference lies a profound exploration of the progressive integration of digital design with manufacturing processes, and its profound impact on contemporary design and making practices.

Key themes to be explored during the event include:

  1. Creative and Construction Opportunities: Discover how digital fabrication technologies are unlocking new avenues for creativity and construction, spanning from component to building scales.

  2. Bridging the Gap between Digital Modeling and Realization: Engage in discussions about the challenges and solutions surrounding the translation of digital models into tangible outcomes.

  3. Material Performance and Manipulation: Explore the possibilities presented by advancements in material science and manipulation techniques within the realm of digital fabrication.

  4. Off-Site and On-Site Construction: Delve into the nuances of off-site and on-site construction methodologies, examining their implications for efficiency, quality, and sustainability.

  5. Interdisciplinary Education: Gain insights into the importance of interdisciplinary education in preparing future generations to navigate the complexities of digital fabrication.

  6. Economic and Sustainable Contexts: Consider the economic and sustainable contexts shaping the adoption and implementation of digital fabrication technologies globally.

Join Äerd Lab and a diverse array of pioneers as we collectively envision the future of design and making in the 21st century. Whether you're an industry professional, researcher, educator, or enthusiast, FABRICATE offers a platform for meaningful dialogue and exchange that promises to inspire and inform.