Äerd Lab was featured in the Issue 1 of TWYA Web Magazine!


"Äerd Lab [Earth Lab] was created in December 2020 out of love for natural materials and organic forms, as well as the potential of emerging technologies experienced during studies and research in various places around the world.

Äerd Lab deals with 3D printing ceramics, with a special fondness for porcelain. Despite the use of 3D printers, each piece is unique, personally designed and printed with care. Although the startup has not been around for a long time, it has collaborated with brands such as Kaempff Kohler or J'adore bio.

Äerd Lab also contributes to the Julie Conrad's exhibition in the Luxembourg pavilion at EXPO 2020.

3D printing ceramics is just the first step in Äerd Lab's long-term mission to 3D print houses from ecological and sustainable materials. The founder strongly believes that the combination of archaic material such clay with this revolutionary technology, has tremendous potential in architecture."