LUX WMN Magazine, which focuses on women in Luxembourg, supports their initiatives and is committed to the challenges posed to women today, published in Issue No. 5 an extensive article about the Äerd Lab's story and mission in its latest issue.


I'm delighted to reveal a short fragment of the article written by Agnieszka Tomczuk about women in architecture and encourage you to read the entire magazine!

Invisible women

"When I ask her whether gender still matters in her profession and the glass ceiling is still an issue in 2022, she thanks me for the question and answers with a bitter smile, "Architecture has long been a heavily male-dominated field. The myth of a male architect as a genius builder, businessman and visionary still exists. Stereotypically, men are considered to be able to think globally and create coherent architecture, while women, being chaotic thinkers by nature, are unable to do so. Yes, the number of female architecture students has increased and, in fact, in many architectural schools, women make up the majority of students, but not many become licensed practitioners. Women are a minority in offices and, generally, in positions of power in the architecture field. In 43 years of the Pritzker Architecture Prize, the most prestigious accolade in the sector, only six women have ever  it. What is even more shocking is that there have been many cases where extremely talented female architects worked in partnership with men, often their husbands, yet all the credit, praise and awards have gone to men. That’s the case of Denise Scott Brown, MJ Long and Lu Wenyu, to name just a few. Another example, which is quite symbolic, sad and funny at the same time, is the case of Patty Hopkins, who was photoshopped out of a group of prominent male architects. The photo she was erased from was supposed to promote the 2014 BBC series "The Brits Who Built the Modern World"."


The entire article is available in digital/paper version here and from July 25 stationary at Äerd Store!