Äerd Lab is authorised to use MADE IN LUXEMBOURG label for the 3D printed ceramics. The label was established in 1984 and is actively awarded to this day by the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce to identify the local origin of products and services.

"This means that only goods entirely manufactured in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg or those whose last or substantial transformation has been processed by a supplier and within a company based in Luxembourg that is equipped for that purpose in accordance with the EC No 450/2008 regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 April 2008 establishing the Community Customs code, can be considered as Luxembourg products."

(source: www.made-in-luxembourg.lu)

Äerd Lab is delighted that locally designed, 3D printed and fired ceramics have gained recognition and will proudly maintain the label. On this occasion, a limited edition of 3D printed vases is planned for fall 2022.